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Website Building 101: Go Get your Domain!

February 2, 2021

Farm-to-table jianbing kickstarter, mixtape taxidermy actually scenester. Asymmetrical tattooed locavore meggings.

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I’ve been asked multiple times in the last few weeks to help get some websites launched — guess what … YOU can totally build your own site.

Here’s your first step ….

First off … what is a domain and why do I need one?

What is a domain?

A domain name is the web address people type in to access a website, such as katelynjames.com, amyandjordan.com, or fixmyhairwithmandi.com.

Just like a street address helps other people find your house, your domain name is unique to you and points your visitors to your website.

Let’s say you want to invite a friend to your house. To keep them from wandering all over your city looking for you, you’ll give them your home address to share exactly where you’re located.

In the same way, when your friend types your domain into a web browser, like Chrome or Safari, they are taken straight to where your website lives.

How do I get a domain?

You can purchase your own domain name from a domain registrar, such as Google Domains (what I have), GoDaddy or Hover. Just follow the registrar’s instructions for creating an account and choosing the name for your domain. The cost of a domain name typically ranges from $10-$20 per year.

Here’s the thing, I’m a graphic designer + web designer. There are so many tools out there now that you can take advantage of to build you own website – you don’t need to learn to code!! If you take a little time to learn, you can have a great looking site!

So, go grab your domain and meet me back here for the next step on how to get started!

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Farm-to-table jianbing kickstarter, mixtape taxidermy actually scenester. Asymmetrical tattooed locavore meggings YOLO organic.

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